Who is using our solutions?

Regulating bodies use Media Logger to check whether incoming complaints are valid, independent of the official log created by the station itself. Instead of waiting for logs to come in, they now can access the logs of all licensed stations straight from their desktop.

Consultants and program directors use Media Logger to listen to the stations they work with, either in semi-real time, or they quickly jump to the exact moment that needs special attention. Airchecking talent while skipping music and commercials saves lots of time. - Consultants, music directors and program directors use Media Inspector to analyze their competition's playlists and rotation and to recreate their clocks.

DJs use Media Logger for self-checking; skipping from 'mike-open' to 'mike-open' they save a lot of time.
Station engineers use Media Logger to monitor the output of the station on different locations in the production chain. Weakening or a complete loss of the signal is automatically reported through SMS and email.

Advertising companies and agencies use Media Inspector to track the exposure of their and their competitors spots on radio and TV.

Record companies, music publishers and other representatives of rights holders use Media Inspector to track the airplay of their music on stations, independently of monitoring companies such as Nielsen or BDS.

Companies selling music over internet and compilation producers use Media Inspector to monitor which tracks are popular on radio.