Media broadcasting companies benefits

Solutions for program directors

With Stroka Media products you can improve your programming, analyze your competition, improve your bottom-line, satisfy your regulator and be in full control of both your own log and those of the competition without ever having to bother your engineer.
Here is how: 
improve your programming
- air check your DJ entries while automatically skipping music saves time
- thanks to a seamless integration with any play-out software you can actually see the program, with song titles and different categories of programming presented in different colors on the Timeline of the Media Player
- access any moment of the program with the Media Player either by just scrolling the Timeline or jumping to marked events or bookmarks
- do all the above from wherever you are, as long as you have access to internet.

analyze your competition
- record your competition and analyze their playlist, rotations and clocks with Media Inspector 
- create detailed reports (such as music and advertisement rotation analyses) for on screen usage or for download

create new revenue streams
syndicate program elements. Media Podcaster automatically creates and uploads podcasts, merging actually broadcast audio with audio created for these Podcasts only.

log the program as regulations require
whatever your regulatory body requires, Media Logger records for you

forget about files, directories and other tech stuff
the unique intuitive graphical user interface of the Media Player based on a moving Timeline makes it so easy to use that even your grand mother could do your job! Once the Media Logger server is set up by your engineers, you basically can forget about it!

Solutions for music directors

Your competition has nowhere to hide...
With Media Inspector you know what your competitors are playing, how they rotate songs, what songs have been added and what songs they play most.
Using the advanced Media Inspector web interface, combined with the Media Player, you can analyze advanced reports and listen to the audio at the same time... wherever you are and soon on your PDA or Java enabled cellphone as well!

Cut out from the Media Inspector web-interface;
- basic track listing 
- click on the time to access the audio
- click on the song title to access detailed song statistics
Media Inspector will pick up all plays of a song, even short partial plays. And when you're only interested in (near-) full plays, just set the 'partial plays filter' on for example 50%. Media Inspector will filter out all occurances of identified audio, shorter than 50% of the original audio.
Does your competitor speed-up songs, or do they use remixed versions of tracks? Don't worry. You can load multiple versions of one track and link them to the same 'artist - title'... or not, whatever you prefer!
Does your competitor add new songs faster than you do, or does their playlist substantially differ from yours? Don't worry. Thanks to the 'auto-learn module' Media Inspector automatically identifies multiple occasions of the same audio... and that must be new additions to the playlist, jingles or advertisements. Allocating the right metadata to the audio is a breeze and Media Inspector will automatically update the logs.
Want to know the 10 most played songs... or the top 50, 100 or for example 300? Or maybe you want to narrow this down per day-part? Exclude weekends? Over last week, or the last year? Media Inspector will prepare all these data for you in on-screen reports and excel files.
And best of all, Media Inspector does this:
when you need it, not when a monitoring company has time for you

wherever you are, not only when you are in your office

at no extra charge, so no surcharges because you want to know in detail what your competition is doing

Solutions for sales directors

Success is all about being in control...
With Media Inspector, sales directors know who is spending money on the competition.
Using the Media Inspector web interface it only takes a few clicks to get detailed reports about the number of plays of advertisements on your main competitors. The advanced reports even show you the rotation schedules and compare them for several stations.
Compare ad rotations on multiple stations
When you run Media Inspector not only on your competition, but also on your own station you can use Media Inspector to prove your clients you delivered the exposure they ordered... based on actual airplay reports, not on scheduled plays.
And as you can access these data from wherever you have access to Internet, you can do this right in your clients office, or monitor your own ads and those that run on your competition from your remote location!
Check out all the advanced features of Media Inspector . Contact us for a demonstration.

Solutions for station engineers

Continuity - Control - Comfort 
Continuity: Our Media software just works.
Media does what it is supposed to do without you having to finetune it, or worse reboot it, every two weeks. Once you have gone through the straightforward installation procedure, your people will be able to use all advanced features of Media software as long as they know how to browse the web... You know who we are talking about...
When you will follow our minimum system requirements, the software will not fail on you. It will run without hick-ups and will deliver exactly those results we have described in this website. Just make sure the hardware and power supply are taken care of... you can count on Stroka Media.
Control: know when something goes wrong before the complaints arrive
Media Logger does not only log audio in various audio qualities for logging or rebroadcasting purposes, it also checks for 'silences'. The moment it selects a 'silence' longer that the maximum value you have indicated during setup, it will send you an email and/or SMS. You can even monitor the audio in different places in the production process so you immediately know where the mistake is. Media Logger puts you in control!
Comfort: no worries - no complaints 
Because Stroka Media software is so stable and so easy to operate for the end user, you can focus on other things. You do not have to worry about failing software and you do not have to explain your management how they can access, export or identify files. Our software is rock-stable and extremely consumer friendly.