Complete systems for Broadcast Monitoring

Would you like to capture video or audio content from almost any source?
Would you like to select recorded content without any problems?
Would you like advanced and fast reproduction analysis?
Would you like to record with minimum real-time delay?
Would you like a stable video and audio content control system?

Key Benefits

Media Logger

  • Capture video content from almost every possible video source
  • Absolutely stable system
  • Simultaneous server access for several 100 users 
  • Recordings available almost in real-time
  • Automated system warnings prior to certain errors, loss of signal etc.

Media Player

  • Easy selection of recorded content on the timeline
  • Easy event search
  • Skip quickly between events, adds, news…
  • Access up to 1024 servers from any Media Player
  • No licence restrictions regarding the number of installed Media Players

Media Inspector

  • Professional airplay-monitoring system
  • Extremely fast station processing
  • Storage space in the data base for hundred thousand video recordings or commercials, songs and jingles
  • Automated server operation mode
  • No additional maintenance after server set-up
  • Access logs of previous activities and detailed reports of the internet interface regardless of where you are
  • Import media content from all popular video and audio formats
  • Very high percentage of recognition, lowest rate of false hits and high rate of noise tolerance
  • Possibility of quick and automatic system search when a new song, commercial or jingle is added to the database.
  • Export reports to other applications via the internet interface


Broadcast Monitoring system is an intelligent system for tracking and recognizing Audio and Video content based on Advanced Media Fingerprinting technology, analysing acquired data and preparing various reports. Currently for video, 6 channels can be recorded (can be expanded up to 16 channels per server)


  • Media Logger
  • Media Player
  • Media Inspector


  • infrastructure of tracking/recording servers
  • central server with a global database of media fingerprints and a recognition system

Sample applications:

  • Automatic playlist generation for radio television or internet content
  • Royalty collections reports
  • Commercial spots rotation verification
  • Cuts and music rotation analysis
  • Competition monitoring
  • Archive, browse and sample search
  • Live monitoring of recordings (4 second delay)

Broadcast Monitoring is developed for:
  • Radio and TV networks
  • Media regulating authorities 
  • Copyright holders
  • Advertising industry

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