Media Player

Media Player and  interface to access the Media Logger server.
The Media Player (client application for Media Logger server) uses a single TCP/IP socket to access the server. Using streamed audio, it can access the archives within a second from any place in the world. Using the unique Timeline based user interface, users never see files, they just scroll through time, or jump from event to event (such as 'mike-open' or 'commercials'), making Media Logger the ideal application for fast air-checks.

Media Player showing a videoframe every second and a floating video screen. Note the structure of the Timeline, top bar seconds, below that minutes, hours, days and months. The vertical red line in the middle is playing now, the bars move from right to left with the time and can also each be dragged to another time. Playing will start instantaneously.


Using Macs or Linux based PCs?

Besides the regular Media Player, we now also have the Media Java Player that runs from within any modern web browser, or under Windows, OS X and Linux!

Media Player - main features:

Main controls & display of play-out system metadata
PPM audience ratings

Visualise the play-out system metadata in the Media Player

  • Access all logged stations from the stations list.
  • Fast links to pre-configured stations
  • The unique timeline based navigator. Just drag the month, day, hour, minute or second line to the audio you want to hear, or use the keyboard shortcuts. With 'event logging' you see when the mike was open and with OnAir Integration you even see all metadata from the play-out system... categories such as 'music', 'mike open', 'jingles', 'commercials' and songtitles.
  • Simple playback controls.
  • Jump to any stored audio using the calendar control.
  • Metadata from the play-out system are imported in the Logger and displayed in the Timeline and as text lines. Audio can be accessed or selected from there as well.
  • Insert, categorize and jump to bookmarks allows for even easier navigation.
  • Export to File. Regions defined by the Mark In and Mark Out buttons can be exported to individual files. Regions can be exported either in their original format, or as PCM audio.

Visualise PPM audience ratings in the SML Player!

 Media Player also displays the PPM audience ratings for your own station, or the competition...
  • The red line represents the PPM ratings (we used fake data)
  • Actual numbers are presented in a seperate box (right-top, after show)
  • Instant comparison of the rating-numbers for the 'current' audio and where the cursor hovers.

Visualising volume in the Timeline sometimes is painful...

Now the Media Player also displays volume in the Timeline... and mistakes or system hick-ups become even more embarrassing...
  • The darker blue in the Timeline is volume...
  • Dead audio becomes VERY visible