Media Logger

The worlds most versatile and user friendly media logger
Media Logger Server v3 logs audio and video and makes it available to the Media Player (Client interface).

We take logging seriously.

So, Media Logger is everything you can expect of a professional audio/video logger. It records multiple incoming audio and/or video streams, from any source (your own production console, or analog, digital, terrestrial or satellite and even Internet streams) for as long as you want, in the bitrates you need and even in different bitrates per incoming stream. It warns you by sms or email when a signal falls silent and it fully integrates with your play-out software.
But Media Logger is so much more. It is the most user friendly logging system on the market. MLog users can forget about files, directories and calendars. The unique 'Timeline based' user interface makes accessing logs from different hours, days, months or years as easy as tuning an old FM radio! Just drag the Timeline to where you want to be and hit 'Play'.

For client interface is simply using Media Player application with the unique Timeline based navigator and user friendly and intuitive controls.
Media Logger works as monitoring device when used with Media Inspector! 

No proprietary hardware required

Media Logger does not need proprietary hardware, it works with Windows compatible soundcards and integrates with every available playout software available on the market. It automatically archives your audio in different audio qualities and keeps those files as long as you have indicated, or moves it to other drives, network or FTP locations.
Media Logger even warns you by email and sms when for some reason it stops receiving audio.
And although you can browse the logs from your company network and from wherever you have access to internet, you still maintain full control over who can access what.

Media Logger is the ultimate solution for:

  • capturing, analyzing and archiving audio and video streams from virtually any source (PAL, NTSC, Secam, FM, AM, DVB, DAB, DAB+, DMB, HDRadio, internet, satellite etc.)
  • long and short term audio and video archiving
  • checking your own program and to monitor competition
  • air-checking your talent, or self-checking for talent
  • fast and easy access to your and your competitors archives, from wherever you are
  • syndicating and podcasting your audio
  • analyzing your competitor playlists, recreating their clocks and track song/commercial airplay with Media Inspector

Media Logger - General features

  •     Client-server architecture
  •     Instant access to recording – recorded material can be played few seconds after recording!
  •     Unique Player Timeline interface: fast, simple, and with no files visible to users
  •     HTML5 Player running in any mobile browser (including mobile platforms)
  •     Unlimited Player installations
  •     Flexible hardware requirements

Media Logger – Server features

  •     Video compression: H.264, MPEG-4 SP/ASP, MPEG2, DVCPRO, Windows Media Video
  •     Audio compression: AAC, MP3, PCM, AC3, WMA, MP2
  •     Runs on Windows XP (32 bit), 2003 Server (32 bit), 7 (32bit & 64bit), 2008 Server (32bit & 64bit) warning: 64bit OS support depends on capture hardware used
  •     Supported capture sources
  •         Capture cards: Euresys Ux cards (up to 16 analog inputs, hardware h.264 compression, mono audio), Osprey cards (software compression a/v), Blackmagic Decklink cards (analog and SDI, software compression a/v), Winnov (software compression a/v)
  •         MPEG streams over network (MPEG2, H.264 with MPEG2, AAC, AC3 audio) – compatible with digital DVB-S/T/C broadcast
  •         Additional audio from any Windows-compatible sound card
  •     Records up to 32 stations per server (hardware dependent)
  •     Every recorded station may have different settings of archiving (number of days to store etc.) quality (compression formats, resolution, bitrate) or security (access restrictions)
  •     Launch and forget. After a detailed, but very simple installation procedure, the system hardly needs maintenance
  •     The system is solid stable – due to its unique software architecture. The most important functions such as recording of video and audio, events and metadata are separated from other functions of the software, reducing the chance of system crashes to the absolute minimum
  •     The client/server operations are based on TCP/IP protocol, using single socket and are easy to encrypt & tunnel
  •     Internet/Intranet access (LAN, Wireless, 3G)
  •     Access restrictions guarantee secure access
  •     Dozens of users can access the SML server simultaneously through their players.
  •     Logs are available almost immediately
  •     Recorded video and audio can be streamed via the company network and Internet to client applications (Players)
  •     The system automatically sends out alarms on pre-defined errors such as signal loss, or extended periods of silence via e-mail or SNMP
  •     Multiple server setups are possible

Media Logger - Server Configuration

Media Logger – Player (Client interface)

  •     The Player sets itself apart from competition through the super user-friendly user interface.
  •     The user does not have to find and open individual files, they only see TIME. A moving Timeline with video frames thumbnails  makes events easy to find.
  •     Scroll through the months, weeks, days, hours, minutes and seconds just by dragging the Timeline, or by using the fast keyboard shortcuts.
  •     Add bookmarks to audio and share these bookmarks with other users.
  •     Access as many as hundreds servers from each Player.
  •     There are no license restrictions to the number of Players installed: you can install it on any computer in your station, at home, or wherever you need access to your logs
  •     Works with commercial and open-source audio/video decoders
  •     Full access to Media Logger audio servers
  •     Works on Windows XP, Vista, 7, 32 and 64bit. Requires display adapter with hardware 3d acceleration (includes any modern NVidia, Ati or Intel card)

Media Player - Video Timeline

Media Player - Audio Timeline